Varsity level athletes find PE to be an unnecessary requirement


EP Cassidy, Reporter

At HC, every student must have a PE credit in order to graduate. PE is designed to develop motor skills, knowledge, and behaviors for physical activity and physical fitness. Though PE can provide students with the ability and confidence to be physically active, so can being a part of a varsity school sport.


Taking part in a school sport requires athleticism and comes with lifetime camaraderie and an interest in physical activity. Motor skills are also acquired when participating in high school sports because of the physical activity and athleticism present in sports in general. Engaging in such activity would not only provide students with confidence and the ability to be physically active for a lifetime, but also with an excellent understanding of the sport they are playing for. 


There are also social and emotional factors that contribute to the environment and community fostered by a school sport. Being part of a team can also act as a second family and a supportive group of friends. Good teamwork requires proper communication, cooperation, and accountability. Doing so will lead to a healthy and new family within the team. The implementation of various strategies or goals can engage players mentally and physically, similar to PE. For student-athletes, PE is repetitive and especially tedious for varsity level participants.


Having PE as a required elective is unnecessary if someone is participating in a varsity sport. It would be wasting an hour of students’ day five days a week on something many athletes already understand. Electives are a chance for students to pursue something that interests them, not learn how to play dodgeball. Although motor skills and physical fitness is important, a varsity sport accomplishes both to a further extent. A high school sport can also act as a confidence booster and social opportunity for student athletes. 


Although PE seems like a rite of passage for many high school teenagers, it is a waste of valuable time for varsity level athletes. For student-athletes, a class designed for the development and understanding of motor skills and behavior of physical activity is monotonous and unnecessary. Students who are a part of a varsity school sport shouldn’t be required to participate in PE because of the required athleticism necessary for varsity level athletes.