Social media has consequences

Alayna Fryman, Editor

Ever since social media made its debut in the late 2000’s it’s been drilled into everyone’s head that what you post on social media stays on social media and can have an impact. Back in 2017, high school freshman Brandi Levy learned this after she posted a Snapchat with colorful language regarding the cheer team. 

Levy posted this picture to her story after not making the varsity cheerleading team. This photo was then taken to the coach of the team. Levy ended up being removed from the team and decided to take further actions. The case is now being seen by the Supreme Court as of this year. 

Now, throughout my pre-teen years, when social media was first introduced, there was a big emphasis on being careful about what you posted on the internet. What you post on the internet is there forever, my teachers would say. It’s something I keep in the back of my mind whenever I’m about to click ‘post’ on any social media site. 

Levy was young when the post was made. She was upset about not making the varsity when she’d probably worked for it. She shared the explicit photo to her Snapchat story, enabling whoever followed her to see it. Personally, if it was me in her situation, I don’t think I would have shared it where anyone could have accessed it. I would have shared it with a very small group of friends who I knew I could trust but to each their own.

This case makes me wonder if everyone had the same mottos repeated to them in middle and elementary school. I feel that the message was emotionally charged but the response from the team was reasonable. If you do the crime, you have to do the time, as my mother says. If Levy had said it to the coaches face, I’m sure there would have been the same reaction. If you say something bad about your future boss or job, you’re probably going to get fired.

It’s real life. Your boss won’t care if you’re upset you didn’t get the promotion you tried for. While I do feel bad that she got kicked out of the team, it’s just what happens. She could’ve just waited until next year and tried out for the team again. Taking it to social media, where anyone could see it, was a frankly childish reaction.