Safe virtual activities for the summer

Safe virtual activities for the summer

Since 2020, most of us have been stuck inside our homes thinking about ways to entertain ourselves. With new guidelines and regulations from the CDC, there should more things to do this summer than summer 2020. If you are not comfortable with getting out of the house to have some fun, here are some things that you can do virtually with your friends that are entertaining.


Going to virtual concerts:

Regular concerts are not currently allowed. If you have a favorite artist, watching a concert is one of the most incredible experiences. Virtual concerts are not only safe but fun when you can have a dance party in your room. Virtual concerts are usually announced by an artist on social media.


Going to a virtual museum:

Have a passion for learning and art? Museums are offering virtual tours of exhibits online. VOMA is one of the first virtual museums that was created this year. You can explore the beautiful and historic paintings that are truly a sight to see.  If you go to VOMA’s official website, there should be information about how to schedule your museum visit.


Doing Virtual Escape Rooms:

With Zoom becoming such a useful app over the past year, escape rooms are one of the things that have been to. Isolation is a fairly new escape room that just launched. A video introduction is given. Then a 1-hour timer starts running. You only have a certain amount of clues and time to solve the puzzle. If you are interested, more information can be found at

Meeting Celebrities on Zoom:

Feeling hopeless that you will never meet your celebrity crush? A favorite celebrity or even an A-list celebrity? Thanks to many online sites, you are now able to virtually. There are different price ranges depending on who you meet. Celebrity experiences is a website that allows you to schedule these meetings.


If you are not comfortable with going outside just yet, there are many fun activities to enjoy this summer, the best part is most of the events do not require money.