The future of young generations is in the hands of everyone


EP Cassidy, Reporter

The air we breath, ground we walk on, food we eat, and water we drink are all graciously granted to us but we, as humans, do not appreciate them. Ignorance and selfishness are causing us to self destruct as we continue to ignore and push aside the most pressing issue of climate change. People are dismissing the obvious rise in temperature and the life that is being stripped from our earth. No one takes action because the serious consequences will not take place while they are still alive. Various infrastructure plans, like the Green New Deal, focus on reaching net zero by 2050 while creating millions of green jobs in the process.


Things we do everyday – drive to school, take showers, or use disposable materials – are extremely normalized because the well being of our earth and the environment has been continually overlooked. Still, so many people have not yet recognized the climate crisis and mass extinction of our planet we are going through today. Fossil fuels, our main source of energy, is expected to run out by 2060 with our current rate of consumption, but steps are not taken to address it. Politicians promise change, but never follow through. Climate activists and environmentalists are pushed aside and silenced because of how frightened and scared people are of change. 

It takes millions of years for fossil fuels to form and to become useful. Fossil fuels are organic compounds that have decomposed into oil, natural gas, or coal. We will run out of fossil fuels in 2060, and our main source of energy will be lost. We have the ability to change our main source of energy to a more renewable option. So many do not want to take action to do their part in decreasing their carbon footprint because they know that in 2060 they wont be alive. They know that whatever they do reflects on future generations, but they continuously do nothing. Our society was built around the myth that fossil fuels will never run out, our earth will survive the human race, and that our dismissiveness of our pollution won’t cause self destruction to our society.

Although we cannot rely on every day to be sunny or windy, solar and wind energy is more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Our earth will not be here forever, and it will most certainly not be habitable at the rate we are destroying it. We are guests on this planet, yet we act like we can endlessly demolish it. 

In order to preserve the human race, we must take better care of our earth. Little things, like riding your bike, harvesting rainwater, or even installing solar panels can make a difference and encourage others to do the same. We are in the midst of the massive extinction of our earth that is going to take place if we don’t take action.