Netflix hints at new “Hype House” show

Opinion piece on Netflix’s new show


Tania Pacheco, Editor

If you use the app TikTok, you are no stranger to the Hype House. They are a group of TikTok influencers that live under one household. Combined they have around 128 million followers on the platform. Members of the Hype House have been teasing at a new Netflix show surrounding their daily lives. Many people, including myself, are everything but excited with Netflix’s decision to make this a show.


Netflix has canceled many great shows including The Society, Anne with an E, and I am not okay with this. Netflix has been under fire recently with the cancellations of many shows. Of course, with shows getting canceled, new ones are being released (one of them being the Hype House reality show).


Along with thousands of Twitter and TikTok users, I would argue that the Hype House reality show should not be released. The Hype House has a history of having problematic influencers, past and present. Currently, TikTok’s controversial influencer, Nikita Dragun is starring Chase Hudson, Jack Wright, Sienna Mae, Larri Meritt, and Thomas Petrov. At the peak of the pandemic, these influencers were seen traveling with their friends without masks and hanging out almost every day with no masks present. It is frustrating that these influencers can waste rapid covid tests in order to hang out with their friends, while others are stuck at home, complying with CDC guidelines. 


The most problematic of them all is Nikita Dragun. I believe she should not have a platform and a following. She is seen culturally appropriating and black fishing. Blackfishing refers to the use of excessive fake tan and dark makeup, and sometimes the wearing of hairstyles such as braids to present as Black. On Instagram, she promotes her makeup line, Dragun Beauty. On the different posts, she appears to be photoshopped to seem darker toned. This is commonly seen on her TikTok also. Nikita is also seen making fun of the fact that she was black fishing, tweeting, “What race is Nikita going to be today?” Many Twitter users were angry, rightfully. Skin color and one’s race and culture is not a costume nor something that should be taken as a joke.