Greyline Station grows into vibrant market

Benjamin Webster, Editor

What used to be an old bus station at 101 W. Loudon Ave., has become a marketplace full of sights, smells and people. Having been empty for years Greyline Station, is experiencing a boom of renovations and interest. It was one of Lexington´s biggest private employers 80 years ago.However, it closed down in the 1960´s, but it was saved due to its historical value. It began to shape into what it is today around three years ago.

Walking in, you are greeted by a great foyer that leads into Julietta Market. It is described as an extension of the monthly Night Market. There are numerous stalls filled with food, clothing, art. and everything else under the sun. Plenty of those stalls are empty, meaning this market will soon become even more vibrant in the coming months. Lots of start-ups and local businesses are present, which added to the uniqueness of it. 

The already impressive building has a dining area adjacent to North Lime Coffee and Donuts and Wilson’s Grocery.There is a bar and a space for small bands to play. It also has an event space, known as the Clerestory.  they will cater to your needs for any sort of events, whether it be holiday parties, receptions or get-togethers.


As this market continues to grow, it should become a popular stop for socializing, shopping and eating. At four miles from Henry Clay and close to downtown, it makes it a perfect place for high school students to spend their time.

Julietta Market and Greyline station, pictured here, are great spots for shopping, eating and socializing.