New restaurant features unique cuisine

New restaurant features unique cuisine

Beau Norton, Reporter

Well folks, as our year-long quarantine anniversary has just passed us, I know many of you are dying to get out of the house and grab a bite to eat somewhere that’s not your kitchen. Luckily for you, a handful of restaurants have arrived in the Lexington-Fayette area this year, and one is definitely rising the ranks of one of my favorite diners here in the Commonwealth. The restaurant in question is none other than Boonedog’s, located at 5902 Old Richmond Road in Lexington. 

When I pulled into the gravel lot, I could tell that I was in for a good time. It was very obvious from the moment I stepped out of the car that the interior and exterior decor was a strong suit for the joint. The red, black and white color scheme perfectly contrasted the fields it was surrounded by. I walked into the building and was greeted by the hostess who walked me to the bar to sit down. I had to admit that the ambience of the restaurant was astounding to say the least. It was very obvious that the facilities were both new and clean, and the all decorations looked modern and entertained the eye. 

Once I sat down, a polite and cordial server came over to greet me. I decided to get the build-your-own hotdog, and to an all-beef frank, with ketchup, grilled onions, and fried potatoes on top. I ordered my dog with a side of their waffle fries and an Ale8 to wash it down. Here is where my only complaint. The bar has an open view of the entire kitchen and its grill. Therefore I could see the cooking process of my weiner. There was nothing wrong with the food, but I thought that for the amount of people that were there and the complexity of my order (or lack thereof), it should not have taken over 10 minutes. 

This small gripe was quickly forgotten, however. When the food arrived, it was delicious to say the least. You could really tell that effort had been put into everything on my plate, and I was by no means disappointed. The fries were crispy and salty, and the hot dog was sold on a split-down-the-middle texas toast roll, which made the hotdog extra rich. After finishing my meal, I quickly hit the road feeling satiated and energized.

Overall, this meal was fantastic, and I would be more than happy to go to Boonedog’s again. Everything was great, and my only complaint was outshined by the ambience, service, and food. If you can manage the drive, then Boonedog’s is a place I would definitely recommend going to.