TikTok is helping students succeed


Tania Pacheco, Editor

If you are a teenager, you are no stranger to the app TikTok. The popular app is entertaining to use and is used by teenagers around the globe. Besides the entertaining content and 15 second dance videos, TikTok can be viewed as resourceful and helpful for students.


There are many different things that can be seen around TikTok, typically being dancing, one of unique things that can be viewed is studying, school tips and helpful resources. Specific topics and be found by using hashtags such as #schooltips and #actandsatprep.


Some of the best TikTok accounts to follow for school are @andreastestprep, @studynoteideas, @declassifiedcollege and @lifeincollege These Tik Tok accounts are found to be very helpful to students. The accounts talk about many different school topics such as standardized testing, test taking strategies, studying tips and much more. 


Tik tok user @andreastestprep is helpful in test taking strategies and improving your scores on standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT. She goes over a plan to take tests and goes over each part of certain tests to help you visualize and take the test.


Tik tok users @declassifiedcollege and @lifeincollege focus on teaching current highschoolers how to “survive” college and the best ways to make your college experience great. They give you tips on how to study and some adulting tips to make your first solo years easier for you.


Tik tok user @studynoteideas helps students of all grades take neat and efficient notes. She teaches different techniques and gives a variety of materials you can use to take some great notes. 


These are helpful to students, especially since it is on an app that many use daily. They are only one click away from learning how to succeed even more and study efficiently  in school.