• October 30HC Volleyball wins the 11th Region Championship
  • October 23HC Volleyball wins 42nd District Championship
  • October 16HC Boys and Girls Soccer both win the 42nd District Championships

Principal Little announces staffing cuts at latest SBDM

April 17, 2019

At the most recent SBDM meeting, Principal Paul Little announced staffing cuts. HC is looking to lose 4.8  staffing positions, which means a total of three actual staff members may be cut. These cuts would staff Henry Clay at...

Many concerned with district distribution of funding

March 27, 2019

Recently, over a million dollars in funding was given to three Lexington high schools: Frederick Douglass, Tates Creek, and Bryan Station. Many in HC’s community are understandably concerned, including HC principal Paul Little...

Mental health support increases across Fayette County

February 11, 2019

by Alayna Fryman Mental health can be an unhealed broken bone in someones body. Your friend, mother, brother, or student next to you, Anyone could suffer from some form of mental health. While these vary in severity, they can...

Senior Benefit cancellation leads to unforeseen consequences

January 23, 2019

Senior Benefit has been canceled for the first time since its original creation in 1979. Students are understandably upset, and concerned how this will affect the class and dance itself. “Ultimately, the difference is we’ll...

HC Principal Paul Little outlines new safety plan

December 12, 2018

By William Begley and Nina Rennard Beginning next semester, students will be required to have an ID badge with them at all times during the school day and other school affiliated events. The badges will be put into effect beginning...

Student IDs and metal detectors will soon be the reality at HC

November 8, 2018

In the second semester, many safety changes  will be brought upon HC. Following many other schools across the country and modeling what other high schools in Fayette County have done. “Step one of Manny Caulk’s safety...