HC hosts virtual Senior Class Officer elections


by Chuck Logsdon

HC is hosting virtual senior class elections today. Elections will remain open until noon on Wednesday, May 27th. HC students will vote for senior class president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary. Officers elected will attend meetings on the first and third Thursday of every month and are responsible for planning senior benefit and prom. Each officer has a unique role to fulfill with separate duties.

The senior class president is responsible for running the senior class officer meetings. The president should be organized, approachable, and inclusive of fellow peers. They should be able to understand questions and concerns of their classmates and represent all of the senior class.

The senior class vice president supports the president in all aspects of their job. The president and vice president need to work well together and have previously found success when the president and vice president interact with separate and unique parts of the student body.

The role of the secretary is to keep track of what happens during the meetings. They need to be organized and be proficient note takers so ideas presented at meetings do not get lost.

The senior class treasurer works with the class sponsor to create a budget for activities and track expenditures. While the class sponsor handles all of the money and deposits the treasurer is aware of the cash flow and is consulted on all decisions that are money based.

These officers play an important role in some of the most fun events of senior year so it is important to vote on who you think will do the best job.